Thursday, April 11, 2013

Renowned scientist to visit Israel again

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is scheduled to make his first visit to Israel since 2006, when he was invited by the British Embassy to tour and meet local scientists.

The head of Cambridge University’s practical mathematics and physics department will take part in Facing Tomorrow, the fifth Israeli presidential conference, June 18 to 20 in Jerusalem.

Hawking who has persevered through his struggle with ALS, also referred to as Lou Gherig’s disease, is best known for penning the book A Brief History of Time, which talks about life since the Bing Bang. Hawking’s works have most recently been referred to, and the pillar of the scientific community himself has guest starred, on the popular CBS comedy hit The Big Bang Theory.

The Facing Tomorrow conference will again bring together some of the foremost minds of our time to focus on topical issues concerning the future of the State of Israel and the world's economy, society and environment, as well as the influence of new media on world culture, education and the news.

Many other outspoken and notable celebrities are scheduled to appear and participate in the auspicious event.

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