Monday, December 3, 2012

A nice piece of art

Lately, all the news from Israel seems to be about conflict and unhappy situations. Many people are forgetting that Israel is a flourishing country full of arts and culture, despite the violence that is always reported in the news and through social media.

One example of Israel’s cultural side is a beautiful free exhibition in Jerusalem at Alrov Mamilla Avenue – a popular and chic area with shopping and places to eat – that gives Israeli artists a place to express themselves.

The Muse exhibit, which opened last January and runs until Dec. 31, features contemporary sculptures by artists from all over the country.

There are more than 140 works by more than 60 artists on display. Each one features the artist’s name and contact information, because all the works are for sale!

All the sculptures represent music and movement through different mediums and instruments, and all of them have an ultra-modern and contemporary feel.

The Alrov Mamilla Avenue exhibit is a great place for both tourists and Israelis to visit. So if you’re in Israel before the end of this month, be sure to check it out.

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