Monday, November 19, 2012

Joshua Earth says Shalom

Joshua Olszynko, a.k.a. Joshua Earth, is a reggae artist from Quebec, and even though he’s not Jewish, he has composed a tune called Shalom, a laid back, relaxing song with a feel-good message.

Shalom in Hebrew means not only hello and goodbye, but peace, and this song is representative of exactly that.

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Some of the lyrics are “Don’t want no gun fire, don’t want no suicide bombs… want to be in my neighbourhood when times are good, don’t want no killing in my neighbourhood.”

This is certainly the current sentiment in Israel, as well as places facing war all around the world.

Joshua Earth has apparently been “one” and “at peace” with his music since the day he bought his first guitar, according to his bio on MySpace. His music ranges from reggae and acoustic gypsy to wailing blues and world beat.

His bio also says: “His songs are devoted to equality, peace, love and respect. His soul music transcends time and space and is peaceful as much as it is front-lining the human struggle for peace without borders.”

He sounds like a down-to-earth human being who really recognizes what peace means, and his music reflects his personality in all the right ways. 

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