Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Representatives of Spiderman, Batman suing Israeli

Wham! Biff! Kaplowee!! Thhwwwip!! Sue!!

Looks like the Caped Crusader and your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman are both superly peeved at Israeli entrepreneurs slapping their iconic logos on all sorts of merch.

The Times of Israel reports this week that both Warner Brothers and Marvel are suing an Israeli kippah shop owner over illegally using the spider and bat logos on skullcaps sold in the Holy Land.

In a Sept. 19 story, the news outlet reports that the American mega-studios are bearing down on Israel for being a country that "blatantly disregards copyright infringement, and does not employ any mechanism designed to enforce intellectual property rights."

Read the full story here.

Holy copyright infringement Batman!

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