Thursday, August 23, 2012

Israel's donkey wi-fi

We're spoiled. Everywhere we go, we expect to be able to connect to the Internet. The managers of Israeli theme park Kfar Kedem realized that they too would need to add wi-fi to the park's list of attractions if they wanted to keep tourists coming.

But Kfar Kedem isn't your average theme park. It's designed to provide a biblical experience to visitors. Set in the Galilee, it gives people a glimpse of what life might have looked like in the days of Abraham and Jacob.

Naturally, wi-fi hotspots don't quite fit into the biblical scenery. So the park's management came up with an interesting solution: outfit the area's donkey's with routers, as the Huffington Post reports. What could be better or smell worse than mobile donkey hotspots?

At least we won't have to give up our precious Internet access!

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Golomar said...

Expanded outside this one 'theme park', the idea of using donkeys as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots is brilliant! Local shepherds who might already be wrangling their donkeys in the mountainous and arid parts of the country could find additional employment leading technology laden donkeys into areas on a regular basis to provide them with an internet link through Wi-Fi. The donkeys have already proven their mettle in the harshest of environments and don't need roads to reach the most remote areas. Imagine the impact of having one or two donkeys with their own power packs and Wi-Fi routers coming to your remote village or encampment at least once every week so that you can 'log on' from your home computer for a few hours. This is a perfect complement to the 'one child, one laptop' plan to connect everyone to the world wide web.