Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen may sit out the Oscars

Actor-comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has stirred up Hollywood for years with his more extroverted fictitious personae.

In the past, awards shows - i.e. the 2009 MTV Music Awards – welcomed his character appearances such as flamboyant fashionista alter-ego Bruno.

However, the Academy of Motion Pictures, the body responsible for the Oscars telecast, has warned Baron Cohen, who this year had a role as the station inspector in the Oscar- nominated film Hugo, not to attend if he intends to make a mockery of the red carpet pre-event dressed as General Aladeen from his upcoming film The Dictator.

They may in fact have good reason, as you can see in the official movie trailer of the upcoming comedy set for release in theaters on May 11.

Often the most polished event of the award show season, many eyes will be locked on the Oscar's red carpet to see if the more reserved Baron Cohen will show up, or if he will fly in the face of the Academy and mock their democratic edict.

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