Thursday, February 9, 2012

HBO comedy series to get the Stiller treatment

While his maternal side is Irish Catholic, Ben Stiller, who starred in Zoolander, Meet the Parents, Tropic Thunder and Night at the Museum has always embraced his half-Jewish identity. With kosher social commentary and quirky quips often prime material for television and Hollywood films, the man who posed as a fictional night watchman of living museums and a kindhearted-but-clueless runway model is reportedly now working on directing and starring in an all-new HBO comedy series called All Talk.

Based on undisclosed material from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close novelist Jonathan Safran Foer (the movie by the same name is in theaters now), the project would see Stiller – who last starred in Tower Heist alongside Eddie Murphy and Alan Alda – may re-team with Alda in this new HBO series where Alda (still in talks) would play his father. Said to be politically, religiously, culturally, intellectual and sexually irreverent, All Talk, set in Washington D.C., would follow the daily dramas of a multi-generational Jewish family.

In this clip from Stiller's last hosting appearance on SNL (Saturday Night Live), he and Andy Samberg take you to a world of Jewish culinary imagination. Enjoy!

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