Thursday, January 12, 2012

The young professional 'Jewish' imperative

With the start of each new calendar year, organizations throughout North America tend to take stock of their program schedules and re-evaluate the goals they wish to achieve. Having attended many of the programs that were organized and hosted by the plethora of Jewish organizations in Toronto for young professionals, (among them, JUMP, The House, The Annex Shul and The Forest Hill Jewish Centre ) I can tell you that at the core of each one is the 'Jewish Imperative'. What I mean by the Jewish imperative is the need amongst all program participants on even the most basic level, to forge a Jewish, socio-cultural connection.

Engaging many disenfranchised and alienated Jewish youth from Toronto to reconnect to and find meaning in their culture and religion is upheld by most of these organizations as essential to the longevity and sustainability of the Jewish people. Re-discovering one's spiritual side by delving into the inspirational teachings from the leaders found in these environments, the values brought forth from the texts they employ and the communal sharing in the traditions of our people, helps produce the next generation of Jewish leaders and create better human beings.

If you have yet to find your spiritual way and are looking to connect "Jewishly," the aforementioned organizations are your best place to start. Get a taste of what each has to offer from our Facebook page's Citywide album or from their respective event calendars today!


Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't also include Makom,the downtown organization for young Jewish people.

Kosherspeare said...

Dear Anonymous, you are absolutely right. I have made mention of Makom in similar postings here on Heebonics, omitted this time, as I have yet to attend one of their programs.