Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maikel Nabil Sanad Freed!

Last week I posted a story on imprisoned Egyptian student blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad.

Well, he's out. Free to go about his democratic, Israel-lovin', peace proselytizing, moderate way.

And he's hoppin' mad, justly so. Here's a video he posted mere hours after his release, excoriating the Egyptian military tribunal system and the way the country dispenses "justice".

He had been held for 10 months after a military tribunal charged him with insulting the armed forces. Maikel was freed from Cairo's Tora prison late in the afternoon on Tuesday.

You can get more details about why he was jailed in my previous post. This is just an update and expression of hope that Maikel, and his moderate peers, can help influence the direction of Egypt now that it's assured there is an Islamist bent to its parliament.

Yesterday, his brother Mark had this to say to Reporters Without Borders:

"The release of Sanad, the post-Mubarak era's first prisoner of conscience, is wonderful news for both his family and for all those who campaigned on his behalf," he said. "His release is timely, coming on the eve of the Egyptian revolution's first anniversary. His only crime was to exercise the fundamental right to free expression, a right often flouted by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces since the revolution.

"The justice system must now overturn his conviction and declare him innocent. The relevant authorities must also be held accountable for his mistreatment and the harassment of his relatives. We will continue to monitor the situation in Egypt closely. On this very symbolic date, 25 January, we urge the authorities to stop using violence and judicial abuse to suppress all forms of criticism and to end the repeated arrests, interrogations and harassment of bloggers, netizens and journalists who criticize the Supreme Council's record."

Congratulations on your freedom Maikel. You should never have been jailed in the first place. Keep talking.

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