Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bibi speaks at Taglit-Birthright Israel Mega Event

Wednesday night was the highly anticipated Taglit-Birthright Israel January 2012 Mega Event. The semi-annual Mega Event brings together all Birthright participants who happen to be in Israel at the time, for an evening of entertainment, dancing and speeches from the philanthropists who fund the free 10-day trip.

The keynote speaker of the evening this time was none other than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He urged the young Diaspora Jews from more than 15 countries to bring home positive messages about Israel as a free and egalitarian society.

“We live in a tough neighborhood and we have to defend ourselves, and we have the bravest soldiers in the world to do that. But the most important battle is the battle for the truth. And all of you can become an ambassador for Israel. And whether you come here or whether you stay where you are, be proud of your birthright,” he told the crowd, according to Israeli news channel Arutz Sheva.

Watch Bibi’s speech excerpt in the video below:

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