Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Siri to support Hebrew

Siri, the application on iPhones that can understand what you say, can talk back and helps with everyday tasks, may be available in Hebrew soon.

According to a new report by the JTA (a Jewish news agency), Apple is in the process of developing add-ons that would allow people to communicate with Siri in several languages, including Hebrew.

The website reported that Nuance, a voice technology company working with Apple, is already recording Hebrew phrases for the project.

Though there are no guarantees that the next iPhone software update (iOS5.1) will feature a Hebrew-friendly Siri app, the work is underway to ensure that the next time you want to find the closest falafel stand, you'll be able to ask your phone in Hebrew.

Hopefully, you'll have more luck than the guy in the video below (warning: it's all in Hebrew).