Friday, November 11, 2011

Four minutes to show off the Holy Land

Filmmaker Matthew Brown took a trip to Israel and tried to capture the experience in four minutes. Capturing anything about Israel in four minutes is a tall order, but Brown edited down his footage to show what he feels is most important about the country.

“I wanted to prove that there are so many beautiful people in that country, of all religions, cultures, regions. It was not hard to do, actually. The moment I arrived I was welcomed by every walk of life. The Jewish people's arms were wide open, and the Arab people always gave me a great big smile and welcomed me into great conversation. I felt a great warmth there,” he told The Atlantic.

Brown even filmed a busy intersection in Tel Aviv when everyone stood completely still and silent for Holocaust Memorial Day. He faced some criticism for moving and filming through the somber moment, but he felt it was an important aspect of Israel to show.

Check out Brown’s video "This IsReal" below.


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Hipster Jewfus said...

Really a stunning video. Although a little too much camel for me :)