Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seinfeld star cooks with 'Chef's for Peace'

Scheduled to be in syndicated re-runs for all time, from every generation to the next, Seinfeld's George Costanza (aka actor/comedian Jason Alexander) will remain known to all. Alexander, who recently kicked-off Toronto's United Jewish Appeal campaign at its gala launch last month, this week visited The Eucalyptus, a biblical themed restaurant in Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday. While there, famous Israeli chef Moshe Basson showed him how to make "makluba," a traditional Palestinian meal whose main ingredients are rice, chicken, and local spices.

An Oct. 27, Jerusalem Post article described Costanza's visit thusly:
Basson, who owns the restaurant, is a member of "Chefs for Peace," an association that organizes meetings between Israeli and Palestinian chefs.

The dinner was organized by One Voice, a group that wants to bridge the two sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in support of a two state solution.

Basson demonstrated also demonstrated the "makluba" serving tradition, in which the chef turns the pot seven times, waves his hands over it, and makes a wish before pouring the meal onto the serving plate.

Alexander, known for his versatility and range, added his comedic antics to the ritual for good measure.

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