Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schalit needs to be set free before a UN vote

As Heebonics readers know, the blog has made it a priority to bring you breaking news on captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit as soon as we hear it.

Taken behind enemy lines in 2005 his father Noam Schalit held a press conference this week at the UN headquarters in New York City. Schalit stressed that the Palestinian Authority pushing for statehood recognition by the UN council later this month, should not be granted their request if they cannot demonstrate a commitment to uphold international laws. "We hope that the UN as the conscience of the world will stand up for our son's human rights," he said appealing to UN officials and ambassadors as a father along with the rest of the family rather than as representatives of the State of Israel for a son now in captivity for over 1900 days.

The vote scheduled to take place in just over a week from not should not welcome the Palestinians into the international community as an international institution if they behind the scenes will continue to perpetuate such a major and grave violation of the law, Noam Schalit said

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Anonymous said...

I agree it is a small thing to ask however to be realistic, who will listen and do what is right?