Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Scotiabank Pitch for Israel helps fuel relief

It was a bit of a wash out, however fun was had by all at the fourth annual Pitch for Israel last Sunday in Richmond Hill. While no champion has yet been declared in the men's, women's and co-ed divisions, the message was clear: the Canadian Jewish community when called on, really does rally in support of Israel, Israeli families in need and victims of terror.

In three weeks time, on September 20, the opening day of the United Nations General Assembly, the Palestinian Authority intends to request, and win, formal recognition of an independent Palestinian state. It is an initiative Canada and the United States are both opposed to.

Born out of frustration over the ongoing stalemate, in the seemingly never-ending peace process negotiations, the Palestinian Authority is attempting to bypass the system and escape international treaty obligations. This recipe for increased violence and permanent conflict doesn't sit well with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird or with Peter Kent, Member of Parliament for Thornhill and Minister of the Environment.

In a statement made to The Canadian Press back in July, Chris Day, spokesman for Baird said, "The only solution to this conflict is one negotiated and agreed to by the two parties. The Palestinian state is to be a non-militarized one." This sentiment was re-iterated by Kent as he kicked off the Scotiabank's Pitch for Israel tournament play at the Richmond Green Sports Complex.

In order to succeed, The Palestinian Authority requires two-thirds support in the assembly, meaning 128 votes out of the 192 member countries before being handed to the Security Council for ratification. World media awaits the decision with baited breath.

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