Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One on One with Lost Girl at Fan Expo 2011

What began as the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in 1995 (since renamed Fan Expo) has grown by leaps and bounds. An annual event held in downtown Toronto, Fan Expo incorporated the Canadian National Anime Expo in 1998 and the Science Fiction Expo followed suit in 1999. The CJN and Heebonics rarely get the chance to sit down with or stand and video celebrities for interviews, conducting them more commonly by phone.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of main highlights of attending the Expo this year, was being afforded a brief chat on camera (my first of hopefully more star celeb interviews to come) with the lovely and extremely talented star of Lost Girl, Anna Silk .

For those who are not familiar with Silk, she was recently profiled in the print page of Heebonics which you can see here. On the show she portrays Bo, a supernatural creature known as a succubus, who feeds on the sexual energy of others. Among the "fae" - a race of various beings in the world like her, who either prey on or co-exist with the rest of humanity - she struggles to remain politically neutral. The season two trailer teases that something is coming. Bo and the relationships she forged in season one will be further tested by agents from both the dark and light "fae".

Silk, having converted to Judaism just months prior to appearing here at the Expo, to be closer to her husband actor Seth Cooperman, Silk spoke candidly to me about how important it is to feel part of a community. On set with her cast, to off the set, as a part of world Jewry. I asked her how she stays grounded as her star power rises, and after the studies were all done, who seemed to then know more about Judaism - her or Cooperman - and how they will take their Judaism forward.

Whether you are a fan already or a fan yet to be, with a full order of 22 episodes to come, I highly recommend checking out the second season of Lost Girl. It returns to the Showcase network this Sunday September 4 at 9 p.m.

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