Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toronto filmmaker up for TIFF award

You may not have heard of him (or you may have, depending how deep into the music scene and film scene you are), but Sean Wainsteim (above), a director from Toronto is up for a TIFF award for best independent, low-budget short film.

TIFF and the RBC bank are co-sponsoring something called the RBC Emerging Filmmakers Program.The public can vote for their favourite film at the above site. Wainsteim's film, Esther and Leib, a 5-minute encapsulation of the life and love of his grandparents,  reached the final 5 in the competition.

Voting closes on June 30. So get on over to the site and give Wainsteim some props.

Watch for a full interview with Wainsteim in The CJN/Heebonics sometime in the next few weeks.

Oh, and congrats to Sean on his MMVA win for Best Director for You Say Party's video, "Lonley's Lunch." More on that in the upcoming interview.

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