Tuesday, May 10, 2011

U want comedy? UJA Federation's got comedy!

Hey, Toronto young professionals (aka Jewish upwardly mobile guys and gals anywhere from 22 to 40)...

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto along with a whole bunch of co-sponsors (see flyer below), are putting together a night of smirks and laughter to help lighten your daily load next week. And of course, to help you shmooze with one another and make connections over a guffaw. Here's the flyer with all the pertinent details:

What's so interesting here is what's not on this flyer – the fact that attendees are being asked if they want to try their hand at stand-up. Yup. Any "young professional" going to this thing can submit a 3 to 5 minute stand-up piece which they will be asked to perform for their peers. So if you've got the comedy bug, now's your chance to see if you can slay 'em, or bomb gracefully.

Oh, and that headliner, Joel Chasnoff, here's a clip. You're all in for a treat. I may have to buy his book. Oy.

Oh OK, one more...

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