Thursday, May 19, 2011

Josh Dolgin and Lars Von Trier walk into a bar...

So, in case you're neither a musicologist nor a film buff, but ARE someone who supports Israel and is proud of your Jewish heritage, here are a couple of pieces of news from this week you should be aware of:

1) Montrealer Josh Dolgin, aka "SoCalled", the Jewish Klezmer-hip-hop-DJ-artist, issued the following comment to the Montreal Gazette earlier this week while talking about his latest album, Sleepover, which is less Jewishy than its predecessors by design.

"I wanted to bust out of the whole Jewish hip hop thing, because that was never my intention. I’m not religious at all and I’m not part of the Jewish community. The music I make was already either too Jewish for some people or not Jewish enough."

Say what, Josh?! To me, that quote is quite galling if it's in any sort of context and fairly represented by the reporter.

So, all the press we and others in the community give you, which you supposedly happily partake in, is what? Chopped liver?

I may be sensitive today, but stuff like this gets me mad, if it's true. If not, Josh, SoCalled, please write in and clarify.

You can read the full Gazette article here.


2) Acclaimed film director Lars Von Trier, by his own admission, is a Nazi. Although first he wanted to be a Jew. Oh, and he understands Hitler the man. And he also muses that Israel is a pain in the ass. But don't take my word for it. Watch the following video taken at Cannes this week.

By the way, after his tasteless remarks (which you'll see and hear below), the Cannes Film Fest organizers banned the Von Trier for the rest of the festival.

I will say this: Lars, if you were trying for humour here on some obscure level -- EPIC FAIL.

Von Trier later apologized, sorta, for his ridiculous statements, with the following blurb to The HollyWood Reporter:

“It’s a pity because (Jewish festival head) Gilles Jacob is a close personal friend of mine. What I said was completely stupid but I am absolutely no Mel Gibson … What I meant was I could imagine what it was like for Hitler in the bunker, making plans. Not that I would do what Hitler did. But it’s a pity if it means I will lose contact with Cannes.”

Oh, you have Jewish friends? That makes it all better.


Hipster Jewfus said...

I loved watching Kirsten Dunst squirm in the video... I could feel how uncomfortable she was, and I think I could actually see her trying to telepathically communicate with him to shut the f--- up...

Blintzkrieg said...

Yup. She just wanted to get the hell away from that nutjob. Tough being an actor these days.