Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everybody Loves Raymond remade for Poland and Israel

Everybody Loves Raymond creator and producer Phil Rosenthal has just signed a deal that will create two new versions of the show, one in Poland and one in Israel.

Poland’s TV network TVN has ordered 30 episodes, while Israel’s network Reshet has picked up 33 episodes.

Everybody Loves Raymond was previously remade in Russia, where it was called The Voronins and was well received and considered to be one of the top TV comedies.

In North America, the show ran from September 1996 to May 2005, winning 13 Emmy Awards and over 40 nominations.

Starring Ray Romano, the nine season series follows the everyday lives of Raymond and his family. The show is based on Romano and Rosenthal’s real life experiences, and is loosely based on their family and friends.

Following the success the show had in Russia, Rosenthal made a documentary that will be out for theatrical release on April 29, called Exporting Raymond, which chronicles how Everybody Loves Raymond came to be a hit Russian comedy.

No word yet on when the new overseas series are set to begin filming, but we have no doubt that they will become a big success in Poland and Israel.

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