Thursday, February 10, 2011

Battle Royale on Jeopardy..Israel helped!

Four top technology producers, the United States, Israel, China and Japan have produced what they believe to be the smartest (for now..) question-and-answer game-playing machine. "Watson" developed by IBM, will face off starting Monday till Wednesday of next week, against the best and the brightest human Jeopardy champions on national television across North America.

Up for grabs is the $1 million dollar prize for which past winners Ken Jennings and Brad Ruttner will be playing. If Watson wins, IBM has promised to donate the winnings to charity. The company's Haifa lab in Israel provided Watson - named after its founder Thomas J. Watson and assistant to Scotland Yards finest Sherlock Holmes - its search algorithms. The search formulas will sort out the meaningful data from the erroneous bits and bytes necessary for reaching the correct answers in the form of questions which Jeopardy requires.

See it in action when Jeopardy airs. Be sure to set your PVR, DVR and for those of you who still have them yes even your VCRs too.

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