Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bust this!

The good folks at Canadian Jewish Congress sent out one of their "Action Alerts" today, exposing Vancouver-based ADBUSTERS MAGAZINE's upcoming Nov/Dec 2010 issue. Here's the CJC release. Unreal.

Dear  Friends,
The November 22-28 issue of  ADBUSTERS magazine contains a self-described "photo essay" that relies on images  of the Warsaw Ghetto to make the comparison between the fate of Jews under the Nazis and the situation of Palestinians living in Gaza. The comparison is  more than just obscene; it is antisemitic. And that's not just a matter of  opinion. Comparisons of Israeli policy and actions to the Nazis fit the European Union and U.S. State Department  working definitions of antisemitism.  

To  top it off, the Warsaw Ghetto images were used without appropriate permission  from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Museum is aware of the  problem and is taking appropriate action.

Most vendors will have no idea  that ADBUSTERS offers such disgusting content and we think you should tell  them.
The cover of the November issue looks like this:

and the material in question, "Truthbombs on Israeli TV" looks like this.

If you are in a store that sells the magazine:

DO take  the magazine up the cashier, open it to the appropriate page and tell the clerk  or the owner that "this is antisemitic and shameful," and walk  away.

DO NOT damage the magazine in any way (damaging property is  illegal) and DO NOT tell the owner to remove the magazine from the store's  shelves (while this material does not likely breach Canada's hate laws,  Canadians have the right to call it antisemitic and  reprehensible).

Anyone else find this reprehensible?

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