Monday, September 13, 2010

It's about TIME. Time for another smear on Israel, that is.

Does anyone still read TIME Magazine? If so, they've likely come across the current issue which contains this fantastical piece of journo-fiction, titled: Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace.

In it, author Karl Vick, the mag's Jerusalem contributor, posits how Israelis are no longer preoccupied with the subject of peace with the Palestinians. Instead, he seems to allude to the fact that Israelis could care less about the well-being of their Palestinian neighbours now that the Israeli economy is firing on almost all cylinders.

As much as I hate to give an outlet free readers when they publish rubbish like this, I think it's worth you, dear reader, taking a moment to peruse this seemingly very ill-researched article. Don't even get me started about where the actual balance is in this piece. Yes, it's abridged for casual online readers, still you get the gist from this teaser page.  

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josh said...

Well, it's true. Who the hell cares about this fake piece that people are trying to sell us? Most Israelis do certainly not believe in it. We had about 20 years of bleeding hearts telling us about this peace only to see our relatives and friends getting blown to pieces and the Arabs not budge one bit in their demands for A) pushing the Jews out of the West Bank then B) tellings us to also accept 'refugees' into 'Israel' and C) saying that they do not deserve a Jewish state. We can be dreamers, but eventually you just got to tell these liars to go away and let us live our lives because it's evident that the Arabs are not talking peace, only piece.