Friday, September 17, 2010

I am the Borat, my friends!

Big news on the Sacha Baron Cohen front this week. It was announced that the Borat, Bruno and Ali G-playing comedian has signed to play iconic British rock legend and Queen frontman Freddy Mercury in an upcoming biopic.

For my money, this is a brilliant casting decision. Baron Cohen kinda looks like Mercury, and in my opinion has the feel and talent to pull off a role that will surely call for equal parts flamboyance, depression, megalomania and musicianship. Plus, he seems like one of those comedians who, when given the chance, will shine in a more "dramatic" role to showcase his acting versatility. I could be dead wrong, but I hope not. (Yes, I'm a huge fan of Queen and I want to see this done very well.)

According to Reuters, producers of the film – currently directorless –  written by Peter Morgan (The Queen) said the movie "will focus on the years leading up to what many consider Queen’s defining moment as a band: their performance at 1985’s Live Aid charity concert at London’s Wembley Stadium."

Mercury died of AIDS in 1991 at the age of 45. Shooting on the film is set to begin next year, according to producer Graham King (The Departed), and the project has the full cooperation of the surviving members of Queen and Mercury's estate. The movie will feature both original Queen music and music from Mercury's solo career.

Tell me you can't see Baron Cohen playing this guy?

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