Monday, July 19, 2010

More from the Big Brother House

So, it’s been a bit of an uneventful week for our Kosher hamster in the House. He faded into the background a bit at first, and is clearly working the “under the radar” strategy, which hardly works.

In a game where alliances are quickly formed, being middle of the road –a floater-- might keep you safe for a while, since no one sees you as a threat; but you’re also easily disposable. People will use you to get ahead, curry favour to get your votes, and then discard you like left over hummus.

At the end of the last Head of Household competition, HOH, the house guests made it explicitly known that Andrew is not a favourite. They all had to answer the question, “Whom would you prefer had a parachute when jumping out of a plane, Andrew or Hayden, (the cute, self-confident young guy?) All the competing House Guests picked Hayden. None of them seemed to care whether Andrew fell out of a plane with a parachute or not.

And right after that contest when Rachel, (our Las Vegas waitress who calls a yarmulke a Yom Kippur), won the HOH competition, Andrew made a critical error which might be his downfall.

And his nemesis comes in the form of a young, cute little blonde named Britney.

Britney’s a spoiled catty little thing. She is always finding faults with everyone. She appears to be unaligned, but has gotten close to another similarly inclined young woman Monet. The two of them lie on their sunbathing mats in the backyard and talk down everyone else.

And for some reason I’m not sure of, they have our Andrew in their sights. Something Andrew is well aware of. They do not like Andrew. One sequence had them bitching that Andrew works out in the backyard, but doesn’t have a body worth looking at. Bnai Brith should launch an anti-Semitic investigation.

For those not familiar with the game, the HOH picks two people up for eviction. The House Guests then vote one of those two people off. When Rachel, the well-endowed waitress, won the HOH contest, over the gossipy Britney, Andrew started screaming for joy and jumping up and down like HE won the contest.

No one quite understood why he did that, and the paranoid HGs believed that he was in an alliance with Rachel and her Showmance partner Brendon. He isn’t. His explanation was that he knew if Britney won he would be put up for nomination.
Andrew’s strange behaviour made Rachel consider putting Andrew up (best to get rid of people whose loyalties you can’t predict), but in the end Andrew was relieved when she picked his two rivals Britney and Monet.

“Todah,” he tells Rachel at the end of the last episode. But he’s still not out of the woods yet. The game has a competition called POV (Power of Veto) where the winner can pull out one of the eviction nominees and replace with someone else. If that happens, Andrew might still find himself on the chopping block.

Stay tuned.

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