Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Many Gone yet Not Forgotten

Yom Hashoah is a day of great importance. Typically in December the Azrieli Foundation and the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem host the Dinner of Miracles where Holocaust survivors pass on their testimony of a pivotal time in our history to tables of young professionals. There it was impressed upon me that when the opportunity presents itself to hear a first hand account from a survivor it is not to be missed. Though many have already passed on and others will soon unfortunately join them, we will be among the last generation to have direct contact with them.

To mark the day of remembrance The House held a film screening of Riva Finkelstein's documentary Healing Voices. The audience of about twenty young professionals were taken along on an emotional journey through the film; to Holocaust sites in Poland and Germany with two survivors Pinchus Gutter and Faigie Libman. The film itself focused on a diverse group of Canadian University students who physically traveled with them on the March of Remembrance and Hope.

Seen here is Riva the films director, editor and producer with Pinchus himself:

In a touching statement made during the film, Faigie called it "A Forever Homework". Not only for her to go out, speak and say "Ha You Didn't Get Me", rather for the youth of today to take the survivors' stories forward. At the end of the day the survivors did fight back in the way they went on to truly live.

For future screenings of the film visit www.healingvoicesfilm.com

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