Thursday, March 18, 2010

What the Opposite Sex is Thinking

How to answer the question most guys wrestle with: ‘What are women really thinking’? That is the topic The House started exploring Tuesday night with a room of about 20 guys. We were told it is perfectly normal to be absolutely lost in the translation of what women are saying and what they really mean. The House, did try to balance the scale by hosting a women’s only event on Monday, taking a look at the flip side of the issue: of ‘What are men really thinking’?

Guest speaker Aryeh Pamensky brought a two world philosophy to the wipe board. Men reside predominantly in the world of logic, the world of dating, while women reside in the realm of feelings, the fuel that powers relationships. The audience was in agreement and held fast to the belief that men continuously struggle with knowing just how far to break through into the world of feelings. Often we men dive in head first without knowing how we’re going to land. That’s to be expected because in the world of feelings there are no predictable outcomes to such action.

The top tip from Pamensky was: when women speak, what is said is merely a façade. Men must look past the words to the hidden meaning. Ultimately, as women are the guides in the world of feelings, we must empower them to lead us through discussion to share the meaning behind the words.

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