Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tel Aviv and the TSX to Co-List

It was announced some time ago but it appears the mutual memorandum has now been signed. The Memorandum of Understanding put forth by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), will encourage the creation of opportunities with the stock exchange in Toronto (TSX).

These opportunities will include but not be limited to, simply cross listing traded companies among other investment options. Analysts will also be tracking each others market indices for trend development.

On Wednesday to mark the occasion in Tel Aviv, the TASE and the TSX sealed it with a joint opening bell ceremony. The TASE, Israel's sole stock exchange, was established in 1935 long before the state obtained its independence. According to recent reports, as of January 2010, the TASE's market capitalization in equities is primed for "international investors seeking quality and growth" says its CEO Ester Levanon, valued at over $216 billion dollars.

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