Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Jew, a lonely Jew, on X-mas

Not anymore.

Though the characters on South Park lampooned the fact that Jews have precious little to do while many of their peers celebrate Christmas, Montreal Jews now have a big event to attend.

For the 21-49 year old single Heebsters and Heebsterette set, the iconic U.S. "Matzo Ball" party is about to land in la belle ville. Tomorrow night, in fact.

Billed as "a night of high-energy networking and matchmaking for singles... Matzo Ball® offers men and women the opportunity to meet in an environment conducive to developing networking opportunities, long lasting friendships and romantic relationship."

The city has seen its fair share of similar dos in the past (a few of which, I attended in my bachelor days), it's never hosted the premier party of this type.

This year, Montreal joins other towns with large Jewish populations such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago, for a taste of a kosher Christmas eve.

For more on this, you can read the Montreal Gazette story here from earlier this week.

Torontonians will get their own version of this party tomorrow night - called "The Ball" - sponsored by numerous different groups and community organizations.

In any event, it beats the old Chinese-food-and-a-movie routine that many Montreal Jews had to settle for lo these many years.

Regardless of which party you attend and in what city, apparently, many people have found their beshert at these things. So if you go, good luck to ya and enjoy the dancing and potential of romance.

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