Monday, December 7, 2009

A Hannukah twist - Drunk on Donuts

That's right blog readers, do not bother spiking the punch bowl at the upcoming holiday parties. Forget about raising your glasses of manishewitz and other ceremonial wines for a toast. Instead, have your friends and/or family bring back from Israel a bakers dozen of the latest holiday can then...wait for it...yes, raise your vodka-infused sufganiyot for a Hannukah l'chayim.

Recently reported on by, alcohol importers of "Hortiza" in Israel, have decided to market their vodka, by hiring a pastry chef /bartender to create vodka-soaked donuts ahead of Hannukah. Do not worry you jam loving holiday treat lovers, what do you think is used to dilute the 90 millilitres of vodka in the 100 gram donut. By comparison the percentage of vodka being used is equal to one bottle of beer.

If you attempt to put away more than one of these devilish goodies, just remember, eat first then drive responsibly.

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