Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mourning AM

Hi Folks,

I know it's old news by now, but just thought I'd post a few words on the passing of Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM.

Goldstein, who was found dead in his apartment last Friday, was laid to rest yesterday at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary, a Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles, according to a report from JTA.

This sad news comes only months after Goldstein, 36, survived a near-fatal plane crash, along with close friend and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The crash killed four other passengers on the plane and left Goldstein and Barker in critical condition.

Reports indicated that Goldstein had been battling a serious drug addiction and had managed to stay clean for over a decade. Although cause of death has yet to be confirmed, Goldstein was found in his apartment by authorities with a crack pipe and OxyContin pills next to him, leading them to believe it may have been a result of a drug overdose. If this is in fact so, it's a rather tragic irony, as Goldstein had just wrapped up the shooting of his MTV reality show, "Gone Too Far", which dealt with overcoming drug addiction and was to debut this October.

When we look back at some of the celebs we've lost recently at a young age- Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger are just two that immediately spring to mind- we tend to muse about what great contributions we may have missed out on in their absence. But it's especially sad when a Member of the Tribe leaves us, even more so under such devastating circumstances. His contributions to the entertainment and music world were considerable and over the years he had become the number one "Go-To-Guy" when it came to celebrity house parties and club jams. His def mashups of popular tracks and outgoing, charismatic personality made him a celebrity in his own right, earning him accolades among his famous peers and headlines and photo spreads in pop culture magazines everywhere.

He will be missed.

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Hipster Jewfus said...

I think there have been reports (or rumours) that it was suicide...
Sad story... especially since he survived the plane crash recently.