Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 'Jewish Jordan' moves on

Earlier this month The House hosted an intimate and interactive "What's the Deal With" session, led by Tamir Goodman. A 6'3 point guard he has gone down in history as the first Orthodox Jew to play five professional seasons for four teams in Israel and for a brief time before that in the U.S.A. Goodman once dubbed in a Sports Illustrated feature the "Jewish Jordan", while playing for the Talmudical Academy in Baltimore, announced his retirement on September 16th at the Jewish Children's Museum in Brooklyn N.Y. The notice was carried first by JTA and then given in person on the same day to the event's attendees, along with the reasons why. Here how he first rose up to varsity in this video clip and then click here for the rest of his story.

"I physically can't play anymore at that level" he said. "I've come back from nine big injuries and three career-ending injuries." One of those injuries was to his left knee now replaced by a piece of plastic, a welt he still has to this day on his left hand and a shattered index finger on the right. All of this he showed us in video 4. "I lived out my dream...and now I hope to inspire others" said Tamir. "If you would have asked me at TA (Talmudical Academy) would I be retired from basketball at age 27, I would have said no way. But Hashem has a beter plan, and it's his plan." We here at Heebonics wish him all the best in the next step on his journey.

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