Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gilad's 4th B-day in captivity

What more is there to say? Free Gilad Schalit. Let him come home to his family. Let him celebrate his birthday - today - in the nurturing confines of his home, with his parents, siblings and friends by his side.

This will not be a "happy" day, until he is home. Safe. Secure and allowed to heal from the unimaginable mental and physical devastation he must be suffering by being separated from those whom he loves and who love him back.

Let him go. End this. Now.

Gilad Shalit banner

(Pictured above: Well-wishers and supporters stage a vigil for Gilad in Israel today, on the occasion of Schalit's 23rd birthday. He has been held captive by Hamas for 1,160 days. Photos by Kfir Sivan/Israel Sun)

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