Tuesday, August 11, 2009

G.I. Joey: The Rise of Laughter

He's back and he's in fighting trim.

Canada's (laid back) answer to Kevin James, the ever-funny comedic stylings of Montreal's own Joey Elias - nicknamed G.I. Joey last year after he did a tour and documentary on Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan - just announced he'll be recording his first ever DVD.

The taping is scheduled to occur in October at the Just For Laughs studios in Montreal. You can find out more about the event on Joey's Facebook site here.

Looks like the video will be called "Living Large". Below is a vignette made last November after his return from visiting the troops.

Gotta love that Joey. Kol hakavod. I'm amazed it took them so long to figure out he's DVD worthy. Go figure.

If you're in Montreal at the time, do yourself a favour; brave the cold and go see the dude in action. He's a gem. I tell you this from personal experience. And if it makes you feel better - which it should - proceeds from the show are going to help in the fight against Diabetes. So mark this on your calendars. Go. Support one the the Canadian Jewish community's brightest comedy talents. You'll feel good about yourself. You'll also laugh. Trust me.

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