Monday, July 13, 2009

Britney Spears-berg?

According to reports out of the entertainment world today, Baptist-raised, oft-troubled pop starlet Britney Spears may be headed towards a conversion to Judaism.

Here's the story as only The Hindustan Times can bring it to us.

Spears has allegedly been flirting with Judaism off and on for awhile now, what with her brief fling at Kabbalah - courtesy her friendship with Madonna-Esther, and with a previous tabloid report that she was dating model Isaac Cohen. Now, she's reported to be madly in love with her Jewish manager/agent, Jason Trawick.

Is it just me, or does this seem like something destined not to pan out?


josh said...

I read the another story that she had dablled in some religions and was converting to kabbalah.

Blintzkrieg said...

Apparently she did that because Madonna did it. But from what I've read, she's more interested in a more generic form of Judaism now. If all this is to be believed in the first place.

langley said...

Tell me when Emma Watson starts Kabbalah classes and is turning Jewish that is a good catch for some nice Jewish boy that likes a cute witch

Goy Rocker said...

The New Yorker has an excellent parody at:

Some highlights:

halom, Diary:
I think Rabbi Pearlstein is really pissed at me. Today in Jewish class he was going through the Halakha, which I thought was the Jewish word for Hannah Montana but turns out to be like a whole bunch of boring laws about days of the week and pork and shit, and I was like, “Rabbi P., is there any way you could break this down into a bunch of tweets? I’ll read it on my phone on the way to rehearsal.” He got so mad those curls on the sides of his head started shaking. (I don’t know why he won’t let my stylist snip them off. They’re not a good look for him, K.?) On the plus side, he taught me this awesome Jewish trivia fact: You don’t have to call Jewish people “Jewish people.” It turns out they don’t mind being called plain old “Jews.” LOL.