Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Star Trek Jewniverse

The new Star Trek movie is here. Geeks, trekkies (or trekkers, if you prefer) and sci-fi enthusiasts are all agog over the flic.

But did you know that Spock is the ultimate "Diaspora character" according to Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock?

Here's a speech given by Nimoy a few years back. He peppers the thing with how Jewish ritual, philosophy and outlook on life have permeated Star Trek canon over the years. Oh yeah, and of course how he took inspiration from the "shechinah" and made it a staple Vulcan symbol.

It's a cool clip. Live long, and prosper, y'all.

(Now, if only my editors would let me "cover" the movie for our publication... ;)

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