Monday, May 4, 2009

Still celebrating Israel's birthday

We may have already celebrated Yom Ha'atzmaut last week, but images from various celebrations around the city are still trickling in.


These pictures by Rinath Maman were taken on April 26 at the Royal Ontario Museum.
The Toronto chapter of the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University and the Consulate General of Israel organized one of the countless Yom Ha'atamaut celebrations around the world. Israeli opera star Yevgeni Shapovalov, popular Israeli band Gaya, Toronto’s Hallelujah Drummers and local Israeli dancers entertained the guests who were celebrating Israel's 61st birthday.

(Hallelujah Drummers)

The gathering at the ROM had another reason to celebrate:
Toronto's Israeli Consul General Amir Gissin, who has been so vocal and visible since he took up the post in 2007, announced a campaign by the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University to raise $50 million for the State of Israel to establish the Institute for Medical Research Israel - Canada.

The research that will be conducted in this new facility will be in the fields of infectious disease and immunology, cancer, genetics and developmental biology, nutrition and metabolism, cardiovascular disease, and the brain and central nervous system.

For more information about the institute check out this link.

(Israeli dancers)

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