Monday, January 19, 2009

Where the terror has never stopped

This conflict has been years in the making, as this video shows aside from pockets of the Jewish community around the world, mainstream media simply stopped paying attention to the on going terror threat Sderot has continued to face since Israel pulled out in 2005. The Palestinians cry out for a cessation of hostilities, by Israel, their lives are being ruined yet they refuse to jointly condem and recognize that Hamas continuously works to undermine a lasting peace.

A stark contrast is depicted of life in Sderot for Jewish youth and all civilians in and around the Gaza border. The change from 2001/2002 to what parts of Sderot and the western Negev looks like today 7 years later in 2009 is quite different. The world stage should recall the extent of damage that has been caused to Israel. The people of Sderot and all of Gaza have the right to live free from wondering when the next rocket attack will be launched onto their campus, into their classrooms and especially their backyards at home.

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