Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surprise... not!

Osama Bin Laden, or at least some fascimile of him, has called for... wait for it... a jihad against Israel. You can read the full story here on Yahoo News, but the gist is that it's time for all good infidel-hating, crusade-afflicted, Zionist-bashing mujaheddin to crush the Jewish state. Oh, and to destroy the rest of the civilized world too so that Bin Laden's version of Allah's will be done.

Does it really take an Israel-Gaza conflict to inspire this zealot?

The guy can basically use any excuse to drum up invective against Israel and the West. To wit:

Osama: "Hey! They forgot to put extra tahini in my falafel pita! Get me the video camera! I declare a jihad on Israel and Bush! And Obama too! What?! Yes, I know his name sounds like mine. I don't care! My falafel is dry! JIHAD!!"

This guy is ridiculous already, if it's really him.

The following is just funny.

Family Guy - Stewie Beats Osama Bin Laden - Click here for funny video clips

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