Thursday, November 6, 2008

This presidential software needs more Rahm

Ouch. I know, I know, horrible title. It's the old computer geek in me.

Anyhoo... A certain someone whose name rhymes with "Narack Mobama" has just announced his White House Chief of Staff. And guess what? He's Jewish. He's also been nicknamed "Rahm-bo" after earning a reputation for being a bit of a hot-head in his younger days. But you can read all about this at his Wiki here.

Rahm Emanuel, 48, an Illinois Democrat in the House of Representatives, accepted Mobama's offer this afternoon. He's apparently quite pro-Israel. So it's possible Mobama's policies on the Middle East will not be as catastrophic as many, more hawkish Jews believe.

It's all wait-and-see at this point.

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