Monday, October 27, 2008

An unpalatable dish

UPDATE: Last night this episode was canceled by Meus' people due to the massive negative publicity it received. Good call, Belgian TV folks.

So now we have word coming from Europe that some Belgian celebrity chef got it into his noggin' that it'd be a grand idea to present a menu of Hitler's favourite foods. Here's what Ha'aretz reported yesterday:

In his series Plat Prefere, or Favorite Dish, professional cook Jeroen Meus (pictured) goes to Hitler's haunts in southern Germany to prepare trout with butter sauce, a succulent festive meal and said to be one of Hitler's favorite meals, the program's trailer announced.

European Jewish organizations and community leaders have condemned the planned episode - scheduled to run tomorrow - saying it trivializes the Nazi leader's life by turning him into "a banal figure, thus sending the wrong signal to a younger generation."

Hey Jeroen, what's next? Favourite hors d'oeuvres of the Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi? Lite Bites with Idi Amin? The Divine Desserts of Augusto Pinochet? Tabouleh quick n' easy with Hassan Nasrallah? What the hell's wrong with people?

I think I need my morning coffee.

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