Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarah Silverman's Great Schlep

Sarah Silverman is at it again, and this time, it's political.
It seems there is nothing she wants more than to see Barak Obama elected as the next US president and she is appealing to all of us who have grandparents in Florida to schlep our "big, Jewish asses" to visit them and convince them to do so.
This is hilarious, but it may be offensive to some. She tends to swear a bit.
Viewer Discretion is advised.

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Anonymous said...

I specifically came to Heebonics today to see if anyone had put up information on thegreatschlep yet or if I would have to initiate it. This is a fabulous resource for those of us with friends or family in the U.S. Many of my family and friends have been seriously misinformed by the Jewish community email circulations claiming that Obama is anti-Israel and secretely a Muslim. We should not be spreading false information; we should be helping people get educated about the issues. Obviously, Silverman jokes about forcing your grandparents to vote for Obama - but let's seriously help bubbie make an informed decision.