Thursday, September 4, 2008

Comic Book Icons come to Town

Fans of the Superman inspired television series Smallville were recently treated to an all access spotlight Q&A with Michael Rosenbaum and his Toronto native co-star Laura Vandervoort. Rosenbaum has portrayed the baldheaded villain of the lore, Lex Luthor, for 7 seasons and Vandervoort took to the series last season as Superman a.k.a. Clark Kent’s cousin Supergirl / Kara Kent. Both of them were on hand at Toronto’s FanExpo 2008 held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where they signed autographs and helped officiate a charity auction of exclusive stills and swag from Smallville with the proceed donated to North York General Hospital’s neonatal unit. Michael opened the lighthearted, humor infused intimate and interactive, joking about how he finally had hair again and dancing with the blonde bombshell on stage.

Though neither of their characters will be fully returning for the show’s 8th season, Laura did confirm she will be shooting at least one episode next month, to wrap up her storyline. As for Michael, while rumours swirl he is at some point in the season to do the same, he did not seem to be at liberty to really say one way or the other.

That being said, everyone was wondering what both these fine actors had on tap with the powerful series now behind them. Rosenbaum has also lent his voice over the past seven years to other DC comic book characters, from The Flash and a henchman to the Joker in the animated series the Justice League and Batman Beyond respectively, but now he said “I would love to do a comedy series.” He hinted at something along the lines of Everybody loves Raymond, only titled Everybody loves Rosenbaum. His wit and comedic timing can be seen in the clip below. He is also in negotiations for an undisclosed movie role and has a pilot scripted called Welcome to Paradise about his childhood in the 80’s, which was picked up by Fox in 2005 but never aired and could still be made into a series.

Vandervoort's longtime series regular role as Sadie Harrison, on the CTV original program Instant Star also come to an end recently in its 4th season series finale. Extremely appreciative of her opportunity to grow as an actor on Smallville, she has been hard at work bouncing from one project to the other. She recently co-starred with fellow Instant Star alum Corey Lee, actor/boyfriend Corey Sevier and Michael Ironside in writer-producer-director Josh Koffman’s, The Jazzman. The film was inspired by Koffman’s legendary grandfather Moe Koffman who was a major player both on and off stage in the world of Jazz music. Vandervoort will also soon be seen in the major motion picture follow up Into the Blue 2 and will soon be filming an MOW (Movie of the Week) in Montreal to air sometime soon in the early part of 2009. We wish them continued success in their upcoming projects.

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