Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chag Samayach everyone! Some Pesach tomfoolery...

We're but two days away from Pesach. So instead of focusing on all the crud that Jews, Israel, Americans, Canadians, Europeans and everyone else in the world seems to be experiencing these days (media coverage of the world being mostly doom and gloom),
I decided to throw up some super-happy-fun visuals to get us all into a festive mood for this weekend.

Here's something the folks at PETA may want to look into. Matzah at the Ramat Gan safari park in Israel. Hey zookeepers, primates have digestive systems too, you know. Give a chimp a break.

And here we have a 2006 clip from some enterprising Japanese-Jews (one assumes). Matzah never sounded so hyper!

Finally, a rap on the 10 plagues by the good folks over at The Bible Raps Project

Now, as someone once said could be the motto of any Jewish holiday... "You tried to wipe us out. You failed. Let's eat!"

Happy Passover!

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