Thursday, February 7, 2008

Forget Gaza. Israel invades Silicon Valley!

Ok, maybe not militarily. But Israel's high-tech sector has been steadily making inroads into the cradle of U.S. technology for some time.

And as the website below will demonstrate, high-tech heavies from the Holy Land are stepping up their assault on California's microchip milieu via their annual IsraelWebTour gatherings.

What's the IsraelWebTour? In their words its' "the first Internet competition organized to bring 15 Israeli startups to Silicon Valley. CEO's of the chosen companies will be flown to the US for exclusive meetings with the Valley's hot startups, VC's and potential partners. The Tour will also include a Public Showcase and culminate in an evening soiree."

This year's tour ran from Feb. 4 to 7 with Israeli companies vying for major investor dollars. For more info, check out the IsraelWebTour 2008 site.

Next up: Falafel stands on the steets of Silicon Valley.


Jorge said...

Israel continues to lead most countries in high-tech advancements. Sharing knowledge with Silicon Valley can only benefit both countries, and displays a solid commitment to Israel and Israeli knowhow.

When was the last major high-tech advancement to come from France? Or any other European country engaging in a boycott of Israeli Academia?

Blintzkrieg said...

I think the last hi-tech gadget I remember from France was the cheese-cutter. No, wait, I'm wrong, it was the guillotine.