Monday, December 24, 2007

Sobering thoughts for the New Year

There's been an almost daily stream of reports out of world media outlets about the emerging - some would say, already-present - general Iranian nuclear threat to global peace and stability, and specific threat to Israel.

Now comes word from the Jerusalem Post that Israel could likely survive a nuclear war with a nuclear-capable Iran.

The J-Post story cites a report by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, which, among other grusome details, tries to determine the results of a hypothetical atomic war between Israel and Iran. It looks at potential death rates in Israel, Iran, Syria and Egypt (the latter two countries are listed on the assumption they might become invovled in lobbing their own missiles into Israel to help the Iranians try to wipe out the Jewish state).

Even though Israel would likely "survive" the attack and exact some serious retribution from Iran, this is not a fun mental exercise. We're talking some heavy subject matter here and it's scary that this report is even making the rounds.

We just celebrated Chanukah, and Christians everywhere are about to celebrate X-mas. In this supposed time of peace and love for all men, it's absolutely horrible that the world is still looking at scenarios of mass destruction. And of course, Israel is in the middle of the it all.

Pray for peace in the new year.


Jorge said...

What an absolutely frightening possibility. Fortunately, Iran is not likely to do engage in a nuclear conflict as the damage and radiation would make Israel (and the Palestinian areas) nearly uninhabitable for years to come. Iran would wind up killing as many Arabs as Jews -- and would possibly obliterate Muslim holy sites (i.e. the Dome of the Rock) in the process.

A much scarier possibility is a "dirty bomb", produced in Tehran and detonated in Tel Aviv.

Blintzkrieg said...

It's completely frightening. I agree. But I don't know if I'm as convinced that Tehran wouldn't jeopardize Muslim Holy sites if they believed they could obliterate the Jewish state. They might consider it collateral damage, and not enough to invoke Allah's wrath. The term "madman" comes to mind when I think of Ahmadinejad.