Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We Remember

Because it's never too late to remember, we (belatedly) offer this Memorial Day sentiment as written so eloquently by our colleagues over at The CJN last week.

"We will always remember.

These words were written at the 11th moment of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the most appropriate, but not the only moment, to recall that so many Canadian men and women died – and continue to die – in cruel battles on faraway fields.

The thin, edgy sound of the bagpipe and the doleful metal sound of the bugle slice through the cool autumn air as they accompany the somber placing of the green wreath of respect and remembrance at war memorials across the country.

The pipe’s skirl and the bugle’s lament wail for us.

They stir our hearts.

Alas, among so very many fellow Canadians, of course, they also stir memories of people they loved who never returned home.

But they also stir our conscience to give thanks to the countless Canadians, veterans and soldiers currently fighting, and to commit to them, with unfailing hearts, that we will remember.

We will always remember."


Anonymous said...

This is on the cjn website too. I thought this was NOT my bubbie's cjn!!

Blintzkrieg said...
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Blintzkrieg said...

Oops... deleted that prior comment.

Now.. it's not your bubbie's CJN, but we WILL honour our bubbies' generation, and be exceedingly proud to do so, when the times necessitate.

And Remembrance Day is one of those times.