Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Israel kickin' it Euro-style!

If you're a fan of Israel's soccer program, you probably already know that the Israeli team won't be qualifying for the upcoming Euro 2008 tournament in Austria and Switzerland.

Nonetheless, you may or may not have read/heard that over the weekend, the Israeli soccer team overcame the odds and beat a heavily-favoured Russian squad in Tel-Aviv. The win won't advance Israel in the standings, but it did clinch Croatia's entry into the tourney. This prompted much love from Croatia's coach, Slaven Bilić, to all things Israel. Read up on it here.

Pictured: Israel's players pile onto forward Omer Golan, after he scored the winning goal against Russia. Israel won 2-1. A nice moral victory for the boys in white and blue.


GoyRocker said...

Israel won again today...1-0 vs. Macedonia.

Too little too late I guess.

Well, it's all good for England...:-)

Blintzkrieg said...

True. But it's great news for the future. Should give the national team program a boost.

Not so good for England today. Lost 3-2 to Croatia. And now out of Euro 2008.

Apparently, they just fire coach McLaren. Ouch.

Jorge said...

Thank you for this posting, Blintzkreig. Football (soccer) is a much under-appreciated sport. I sincerely hope Israel continues to grow it's football team and (hopefully) eventually become a world powerhouse.

GoyRocker said...

Israel is drawn into a "fairly easy" grouping for the World Cup....this is their best chance to qualify. Let's hope.