Monday, November 26, 2007

Anti-Israel sentiments escalate at York University

Last week, a group called the Campus Coalition of Zionists (CCZ) held a tabling session at York University in an attempt to call attention to human rights violations in Iran and to call for military action against the Iranian regime. They displayed posters and distributed post cards.

This video, recorded by a York University student, shows the CCZ representatives being swarmed, verbally attacked and intimidated.

Anti-Israel demonstrations have become a common occurrence on campuses all over the world, but it is shocking to see how volatile the situation has become at York.

Ironically, York has one of the highest Jewish populations in North America, but I have to admit, that after seeing this video, I would be reluctant and fearful to express my support of Israel on campus because of the current climate.

Whether or not one agrees with the CCZ's views, this is not what campus debate is supposed to look like.

The fact that it has gotten to a point where this kind of a reaction to a peaceful tabling session is acceptable is ridiculous and scary.

Something has got to change.


Blintzkrieg said...

While it's impossible to tell what material was being presented in this video, the saddest part is that so many students became so agitated and aggressive against Israel.

I'm willing to bet most of them are clueless as to the actual reality of Israel.

And whoever shot the whole thing with his cameraphone, he is perhaps the saddest of all the the participants when he yells, "I'm a Jew and I say Israel is the oppressor!" Why not get down off his chair and at least try to debate in a calm, rational way?

Ignorance of the facts on the ground in Israel remains abundant on campus, it seems.

Jorge said...

The blatant antisemitism on university campuses is another face of the hatred coming from the extreme left.

Groups that claim to defend human rights have shown that Israel-bashing takes precedence over actual human rights violations happening right now in Muslim countries.

Blintzkrieg said...

I agree, Jorge. Why aren't those countries being held accountable for their violations and blatant disregard for human rights?

Israel seems to be the metaphorical "red cape" to some of the radical Left's "bull".