Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bryan Adams' Peace concert in Jericho was cancelled

A peace concert headlined by Canadian musician Bryan Adams, which was to take place in the West Bank, was canceled last week because of security concerns.

Earlier this month, CBC reported that a New York based group called OneVoice, which works on behalf of Israelis and Palestinians to demand that their leaders reach a deal for a two-state solution, organized two performances by Adams on October 18.
The first part of the event would have had Adams perform at a football stadium in Jericho in the West Bank, and later the same day, he would travel to Tel Aviv to end the concert there.

Both concerts were to be broadcast via satellite to locations in Ottawa, London and Washington D.C.

But because of threats from "extremist ideologists" in Jericho, OneVoice decided to cancel the show there.

"Extremist ideologists have threatened our participants in Jericho, and we felt it is our responsibility not to play with their lives," Daniel Lubetzky from OneVoice told CBC.

The concert in Tel Aviv is still going ahead as planned, but thousands in Jericho are deprived of an uplifting event with a positive, hopeful message because of a fringe, intolerant minority that uses violence and terror to influence the moderate, peace-seeking majority.

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